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The Souless Window

When Eyes Aren't the Window to the Soul


Courtesy of MDA

Courtesy of droiche

Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
Cherise and Cho Hakkai
were married on
August 02, 2007

Marry a character at Anime Weddings!

At otp_claims, I have claimed the following Saiyuki/Gaiden manga OTPs:
Goku x Nataku
Sanzo x Hakkai
Nii x Hakkai
Kanan x Yaone

At bishie_paradise, I have claimed the following Kazuya Minekura (and one Bleach) bishies:
Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki anime)
Makoto Kubota (Wild Adapter manga)
Ukoku Sanzo (Saiyuki Reload manga)
Aizen Sousuke (Bleach anime)

At series_claims, I have claimed:
Haru wo Daiteita (anime)
Viewfinder/Finder series (manga)
Death Note The Last Name (movie)

I'm claiming love ^_^
BLEACH ⇒ Yoruichi Kisuke Uruhara
FINAL FANTASY ⇒ Sephiroth Vincent
SAIYUKI ⇒ Genjyo Sanzo Cho Hakkai

Currently, anime fan & amateur artist (traditional and computer graphics) who enjoys watching & reading anime/manga & comic books. I also enjoy going to game/comic-based movies. Some of my current fav games include Tekken, Namco Classics, Soul Calibur, & Guitar Hero. Current fav anime/manga include Saiyuki, Bleach, & Death Note. I also do web design, Poser, & create music on the computer.