May 18th, 2008



I am making this known to all my online friends and I am asking for your prayers and best wishes.

The man who has been like a father to me, my grandfather, is extremely ill. He has been in the hospital since November and we had hoped for a happy return. However, it appears that life is slipping away from him.

I have been somewhat quiet on the net because of him being away. Please forgive me if I'm not around for awhile but this is the reason. I have never had anyone die close to me so I'm not sure how to handle this but he is 90 years old and I just want his soul to be at peace and to know that we love him. I would like to think that he could return home soon but that does not look like the case.

So please, forgive me. I will miss you guys for awhile and I hope to catch up on getting things done whenever I return. Thanks. XOXOX

*crossposted to my dA and Aarinfantasy account*

EDIT: Shortly after posting this, we found out that my grandfather had passed. Thank you all for the warm wishes and words of comfort. More XOXOX
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