What I'm Into Now...

Hey for anyone who is reading this. I'm still alive and casually lurking all over the net. I haven't been working too much on my art as of late and am now an avid Kpop fan.

That is all for now. ^^


I am making this known to all my online friends and I am asking for your prayers and best wishes.

The man who has been like a father to me, my grandfather, is extremely ill. He has been in the hospital since November and we had hoped for a happy return. However, it appears that life is slipping away from him.

I have been somewhat quiet on the net because of him being away. Please forgive me if I'm not around for awhile but this is the reason. I have never had anyone die close to me so I'm not sure how to handle this but he is 90 years old and I just want his soul to be at peace and to know that we love him. I would like to think that he could return home soon but that does not look like the case.

So please, forgive me. I will miss you guys for awhile and I hope to catch up on getting things done whenever I return. Thanks. XOXOX

*crossposted to my dA and Aarinfantasy account*

EDIT: Shortly after posting this, we found out that my grandfather had passed. Thank you all for the warm wishes and words of comfort. More XOXOX
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Happy Holidays

This is for all my wonderful and dear online friends. Please excuse my morbid sense of humor on this holiday season and have a safe and bear-free holiday!!

WARNING: Contains some severe cartoon violence.

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Birthday Blues

Well, I turned 32 on the 2nd and it was the most uneventful birthday I've ever had.

My youngest daughter, who turned 4 this past Saturday spent the day with her dad but I did finally get to hear from her. Yay!!! ^_^ My 7-year-old harassed me until I colored My Little Pony pics with her. LOL

I got some money from my family and I'm happy about all those things but it was just too quiet and uneventful. Oh well, maybe next year will be more exciting!

Oh, and I officially made a new online friend today who loves Death Note's Ryuk as much as I do! So that was definitely different!! ^_^
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The Dead has Arisen!

Okay, that was terrible of me but I'm just letting everyone know I'm not dead... yet. Anyway, I've been missing the internet for a little while and my pc is screwy again so no more Poser pics of bishies for awhile. *sniffs*

But, since I can't do my usual art, I took on creating LJ layouts. I've done two so far and I have yet to redo mine but I'm willing to make more if people are interested and can give me a good idea of what they want. (My creativity sometimes disappears. @_@)
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New Layout: Saiyuki

Hey everyone,

Through some serious trial and error, I made my new layout for my journal here. I really wanted to learn how to do it since my muses were pushing me back into web design (which I haven't done in a few years).

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